We're happy to be here

We're happy to be here, and certainly happy to have you interested in our new product. We'd love for you to, if you see us out, give us a try. Give yourself a little peace of mind, and relax for once. 

I can tell you honestly from my own personal experience, Kava has certainly changed my life. Not only am I blessed by the powers of Kava, I am also passionate about having this opportunity to spread the good word. I used to be a ball of nerves, drowning in that negative voice that confounds every stop you try and take. On the regular, that voice in my head, my ego, if you must; would try and beat me down and tell me I was never good enough and I would never amount to anything. When you start hearing that everyday, it's easy to sink down the rabbit hole of depression; mornings of not being able to get out of bed, years of antidepressants that simply numbed but never addressed the problems; it became too much. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the universe opened her sweet arms to me and lead me to the SquareRut Kava Bar. 

I was hesitant at first. It sounded a little too exotic for my taste, but I gave it a try. Within seconds, the tingling sensation on your tongue was fascinating and laughable. Within minutes, I could feel the muscles and the tension in my neck release and relax. Shortly thereafter, the best part happened: that voice was gone. I was present for the first time in months. I was laughing with and making new friends at a meditation group and I felt free, free to be me. Not once did that voice tell me to be quiet, or that people were judging me, or that I didn't belong there. I belonged because I was there as my true self. The real you that's beautiful and perfect and glowing deep beneath all the scars and all that fears that normally hold us back from living your life fully.. 

Within months my life began to change. I began working there with my wonderful owners who not only hired me but inspired me and took me into their family. I drank Kava regularly and little by little that voice didn't show as often. I stopped worrying about things out of my control and I began to take control back. I turned the tables, and that my friends is an empowering moment that will send electricity back into everything you are following.  

I can't express enough how surreal letting go actually is. I, personally, feel Kava has the power to changes lives; not only can it help you quiet your mind, bring you to the present, it also has the ability to sharpen your focus and help you be more productive. You are calm, you are in control. You are free, and you are happy. 

If you do anything for yourself this week, experience the chill with us.


Shelby Hamilton

Marketing Director